Custom Fitting


To play like a pro, you have to be fit like a pro.

Golf is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” game. Finding the correct clubs to fit your playing style is now an exact science utilizing cutting edge technology. But most importantly, our staff understands how to get the right gear in your hands.

We’ll custom fit you for your long, mid, and short game. For those “in-between” distances too long for one club and too short for another, there are gap clubs. You may need to round out your set to fill the gap between your long and mid game, your mid and short game, or both.

We’re consistently recognized as one of Golf Digest’s Top 100 Clubfitters. We staff only professional, certified custom club fitters who play the game and are experts at finding the right equipment for you. Our “golf gurus” have a passion you just don’t find at the box stores.

The cost of your custom fitting will be credited toward your club purchase.

*Purchase must be made within 30 days in the category of the fitting