Taylormade M5 and M6 Drivers


Taylormade has been known as one of the top companies in the driver industry for many years now. They always have breakthrough technology that seems to set them apart from most of the competition. In the past few years they have had two models, one being a highly adjustable version (Ex. M1, M3) and a less adjustable version built for max forgiveness and consistency (Ex. M2, M4).

Taylormade continued this trend with the all new M5 and M6 drivers. The M5 and M6 both have new and some continued technology that has proven to have major success in past models. The groundbreaking new technology introduced this year is the Speed Injected Twist Face. This innovation that Taylormade has come up with combines the past success of Twist Face (introduced in 2018 with M3 and M4 Drivers) with the all new process of Speed Injection!

What is Speed Injected Twist Face?

Speed Injected Twist Face is a process that allows Taylormade to build every M5 and M6 head above the legal limit, then every individual head is injected and calibrated to bring it back to the threshold of the maximum legal limit of ball speed! This insures that there will be no differences between the drivers on the PGA Tour and the drivers you can buy in our stores! You will be playing with a driver that is engineered to make everybody faster!

“What Taylormade has done with Injected Twist Face is allow us to have a hotter face that feels more stable. The fact is that it’s at the legal limit and that’s as fast as you’re gonna get…you’ll have the confidence to blow it by your competition when you step up to the tee.”

- Tiger Woods

Longer And Straighter With Twist Face

Designed for Straight Distance.

Twist Face features a revolutionary face curvature that has been engineered to reduce sidespin and deliver straighter shots on off-center strikes.

Adjust It to Fit Your Swing With Inverse T-Track

Dial in Flight, Feel, and Forgiveness

The redesigned Inverse T-Track includes two 10g movable weights that can be positioned to increase MOI (forgiveness) and dial in your optimal launch conditions (high-to-low bias and left-to-right bias) and spin characteristics.

Forgiveness through Inertia

Faster, More Aerodynamic Sole

The aerodynamic, all-carbon sole creates discretionary weight to allow for 46 grams of mass to be placed low and back to increase MOI and lower CG. This “Inertia Generator” creates more forgiveness with higher launch and lower spin, which results in more distance!

Premium No Up-Charge Shafts

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