Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Irons

Mizuno’s JPX 900 line was one of the best selling in the history of the company, and included wins at the 2017 and 2018 U.S. Open. Their latest line, the JPX 919, features models named Tour, Forged, and Hot Metal, with the latter being the most forgiving of the three.
Like the other JPX 919 irons, the Pearl Brush finish is very durable that helps to soften some of the lines visually at address. Also, the heel area of the cavity has been opened up to help with acoustics feel. With this feature, it allowed the designers to move weight from the hosel of the head towards the toe to improve MOI and forgiveness. The irons provide a tour quality sound at impact while still providing the necessary feedback on miss hits.

The cavity has been modified with what Mizuno calls a Stability Frame. This frame saves weight from heel of the club and moves it toward the toe to increase the MOI. This moves the CG (center of gravity) nearly 2mm closer to the center of the club, which makes it more consistent with less face rotation. The new frame also moved the CG down, resulting in higher trajectories and faster stopping power, allowing players more opportunities to be aggressive.

The head of the club looks more clean and traditional, but it is still made with the same material as the JPX 900 Hot Metal. The head is made from Chromoly 4140, which is a strong and flexible material that allows the face to be thinner resulting in longer shots. The face cup is created as a single piece and wraps around the chassis using a seamless construction for better feel. JPX 919 Hot Metal stops fast enough, as the landing angle was steeper to accommodate for the lower spin rate.

The Hot Metal set goes to a 45° pitching wedge followed by a new release of JPX 919 wedges in higher lofted wedges.


We recently conducted testing on the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal. One of our Certified Custom Fitters compared the JPX 919 Hot Metal to the JPX 900 Hot Metal. They were both 6 irons with standard lie and loft. He used Dynamic Gold 120 shafts in both irons. Here are the results:

While testing these two irons side by side, we noticed that the dispersion was a lot tighter with the JPX 919 Hot Metal. The tester was more consistent and the numbers showed that as well. The tester said that it felt like he had more control over the new JPX 919 Hot Metal irons rather than the previous model. As you can tell in the charts, the JPX 919, on average, carried about 8 to 9 yards farther and 9 or more yards total. With the JPX 919 being a quarter inch longer than the previous set, both the club and ball speed went up as a result. The ball speeds are outstanding with a regular smash factor topping 1.4. The JPX 919 Hot Metal irons provide greater feedback on miss hits while still providing consistent results on good and bad shots alike. These irons are available to demo at every Golf Exchange location! There are 18 different shafts available through custom order and a variety of 16 different grips. If you need a super game improvement iron but would prefer one with a more traditional look, the Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal is for you!
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