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This weeks GX Report features items that can be used by any golfer and are great gifts as well. These distance measuring devices from Bushnell, Precision Pro, and Voice Caddy are proven to be the best of the best when it comes to golf related electronics and are available in all five of our Golf Exchange locations.
Bushnell had a tall order in trying to improve on their highly successful Tour V3 rangefinder. In the Tour V4, they have created a product that’s 30 percent smaller than the Tour V3 and weighs just 5.6 ounces, making it easy to operate, even with just one hand! The Tour V4 also retrieves yardages twice as fast as its predecessor. The Tour V4 has a range of five to 1,000 yards, it’s accurate to within a yard, and it can target flags as far as 400 yards away, while 5x magnification ensures that you can clearly see and lock in on the right target. Most importantly, the highly popular JOLT technology remains, as the Tour V4 will vibrate when it locks on to the right target, letting players know that they have the correct yardage! The Bushnell Tour V4 is available at all locations for $279.99!
The Bushnell Tour V4 Shift comes with all of the fantastic features of the regular Tour V4 rangefinder, but also includes the new SHIFT technology that allows you to easily toggle in and out of Bushnell’s patented slope function. This allows you to conveniently utilize slope to get compensated distances around the course when you want it, and have a USGA-conforming device that is legal for tournament play when you need it. The Tour V4 Shift also features Jolt Technology that gives you short vibrating bursts to reinforce the laser has locked onto the flag. The Tour V4 Shift is available at all locations for $429.99!
The Xponent Laser Rangefinder offers next level feel, accuracy, and performance at an entry level price. It is equipped with a max range of 400 yards, 1/10 yard measurements, accuracy to the yard, and their advanced target lock function provides the information you need to be a better golfer. The Exponent is available at all locations for only $149.99!

The NX7 Pro Rangefinder is the ultimate in golf rangefinder performance featuring Adaptive Slope Technology which allows you to toggle between elevation measuring slope and tournament legal non-slope modes. The NX7 Pro is also equipped with Pulse Vibration Technology that gives you a quick pulse when locked onto the target, not what’s behind the target. Take your game to the next level with the NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder! Available at all locations for $249.99!

The Voice Caddie G2 Hybrid is an integrated golf and fitness watch. The G2 is a GPS rangefinder that features a full fitness mode, a cycling mode, alarm, stopwatch…combining golf, sport and fashion. The G2 automatically calculates slope to the front, center and back of the green. It will automatically recognize the course and hole you are on using satellite signals. The G2 is waterproof, and rechargeable! It also comes Pre-loaded with over 40,000 courses worldwide and has free updates available when new courses are added. The Voice Caddie G2 Hybrid is available at all locations for $199.99!
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