PING Sigma 2 Putter Line

The PING Sigma 2 putters are a great upgrade from the original Sigma G putters. There are many features that will make you question why you shouldn’t upgrade from your old putter to a new PING Sigma 2 putter. There are 10 models, a putter for every putting stroke. The first major improvement of the Sigma 2 putter line is the 2-piece Dual-Durometer face is different as the softer front piece is now the same PEBAX synthetic material as the firmer rear piece, rather than the aluminum face of the Sigma G. These faces not only give the putters an awesome new look with the black finish but produces a softer sound and feel on shorter, close-range putts. The face still features the True Roll design that aims to reduce the drop off in ball speed for any mis-hits so that the ball has a chance of still reaching the hole and going in.
The main difference with the Sigma 2 from the Sigma G is something that won’t be seen to the eye. This feature is under the grip. There is a mechanism under the grip that allows you to vary the length of the shaft from 32 to 36 inches and any length in between. Ping has already done adjustable length putters before in the Karsten TR putters in 2014, but this was an extra option, not standard like in the Sigma 2.
In the Sigma 2 putters, you will adjust the length by using a key/tool that fits in the top of the grip and as you turn the key left or right you will shorten and lengthen the putter. To make sure you are adjusting the putter to the correct length there are marks on the back of the shaft that will tell you the length of the putter. The marks start at 32 inches and increase by a quarter of an inch. Although taking the length off the shaft will affect the swing weight by a bit, it is hardly noticeable. The whole reason behind an adjustable shaft is because 8 out of 10 are using the wrong length of the putter. You may be able to become a better putter by just fixing the length to your perfect fit!
After putting with the Sigma 2 myself, I can confirm that all the above information is true. The two-piece face feels softer than ever but doesn’t make you feel like you are hitting the ball nowhere. When I hit the Anser, I hit a few mis-hits that wouldn’t have gotten to the hole with my putter but with the Sigma 2, it did! The adjustable grip is awesome. You can adjust the putter length as many times as you want and the putter is still usable! This adjustable putter would be a great addition to the bag!

The PING Sigma 2 putters are available in all stores now! There are 10 models: Anser (stealth & platinum) ZB2, Arna, Kushin C, Fetch, Tyne, Tyne 4, Wolverine H, Valor.

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