Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Irons

The Mizuno has always had the feel and the sound that the tour player would want, but that sound and feel was with the MP family line. The main thing tour players wanted to see was a thinner top line and a wider sole with a similar feel of the MP line so that is what Mizuno gave them! The follow-up to the irons that won the last two US opens, the JPX 919 tour is designed to provide the classic feel of a Mizuno Forged blade with slightly higher launch angle, enhanced stability, and improved feel.
When Chris Voshall, Mizuno’s Engineer, was interviewed by many companies he said, “We wanted to enhance performance, make it feel better and do everything the tour players want.” This is exactly what Mizuno did for this JPX 919 Tour Iron. The JPX 919 Tour has a 5% wider sole that is more noticeable. The reason for this change is to help improve the forgiveness, but this is not what the iron is about.

The two major improvements to the JPX 919 Tour is the forging process and the length of the club head. The head is still forged but Mizuno has used their high Density or HD forging using 1025 Elite Steel. For the first time in the JPX Family, Mizuno is using the same 1025 E Steel found in their MP Family. They say the forging process squeezes grain structure more closely together and lower in the blade which improves feel and feedback. This packs the grain more tightly in the steel for better feel and certainly, the JPX 919 irons were more solid and better feeling than the 900’s. As before, the JPX 919 is not up to the MP feel levels yet because of the larger head that is now 10% longer than the JPX 900 tour but we believe that it will soon feel more similar to the MP n the years to come.

The cavity back has also been modified with what Mizuno is calling a stability frame. This saves weight from the heel/hosel area of the club and moves it to the toe to increase the MOI. This moves the CG 1.2mm closer to the center of the club, which is quite a lot in iron terms and is one of the factors that help with better feel Mizuno was going for. There is a new “Open Heel” design, which frees up 5g, which is repositioned in the club’s stability frame, improving forgiveness and 10% thinner to edge. In the tour the hidden Stability frame moves the CG to the center of the face making it easier to shape shots, also lowers the CG in the mid and long irons, producing higher ball flight.The JPX 919 tour promises tour caliber performance with precision distance control.


We recently conducted some testing on the Mizuno JPX 919 Tour. One of our Certified Custom Fitters compared the JPX 919 Tour to the JPX 900 Tour iron. They were both 7 irons with standard lie and loft. He used a Project X LZ 125g shaft in both irons. Here are the results:

While testing these two irons side by side, we noticed that the dispersion was a lot closer with the JPX 919. He was a lot more consistent and the numbers showed that as well. He said that he felt like he had more control over the new JPX 919 Tour irons rather than the older model. As you can tell in the charts the JPX 919, on average, carried about 3-4 yards farther and 4-5 or more yards total. We both were very pleased with that. With the JPX 919 being a quarter inch longer, the club and ball speed showed with the two speeds being much faster in the JPX 919 than the JPX 9oo! He could tell a large difference in the feel. With the forging process like the MP family, the JPX 919 felt softer and crisper than before. We were very pleased with the results from the Mizuno JPX 919 Tour. This new forging process is worth trying for yourself! These irons are available to demo at every location! There are 18 different shafts that you can custom order in the clubs and 16 different grips.
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