Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges

The Cleveland Golf RTX-4 wedges offer a compact blade with a tour-level shaft and grind options for every type of player. They are the new better players wedge. RTX refers to Rotex face and this is the 4th version, hence RTX-4. When comparing the RTX-4, there are many new features than the RTX-3. Compared to the RTX-3, it has a much smaller head to give the club that tour profile that you see the pros with. Also, the RTX-4 comes in 3 finishes, Tour Satin, Black Satin and Tour Raw!
RTX-4 generates even more spin than the wedges before it. This spin comes from 3 types of milling; Rotex milling, laser milling, and tour zip grooves. With these 3 types of grooves, it helps you control your wedge shots with a predictable spin. The Rotex technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions. This gives you better control, improved accuracy, and hopefully some lower scores. The sharper tour zip grooves help slice through grass, sand, and water for a more consistent spin on every shot.
The RTX-4 has very progressive head shapes that are more apparent at address. The lower lofted wedges have a more linear look, less offset with a straighter leading edge and sharper corners. Although there were many changes, Cleveland did not stray from their great sound and feel from years past. The progressive feel-balancing technology comes into play from wedge-to-wedge as the higher lofted clubs have more forgiveness than before. This technology moves the CG closer by shortening the hosel and milling a microcavity in the hosel. That weight is redistributed to move the CG closer to the center.
With the new RTX-4 has 4 tour developed sole grinds. These 4 new sole grinds give you enough versatility that you need on the course. The full grind is mainly for bunker play. You will find a full grind on the 56-degree and the 60-degree wedges. The full grind is the traditional sole that you will see in many other wedges. It plays like a mid bounce on full shots. When you start to open it up, since there isn’t any grind to it, the leading edge comes up off the ground. The mid is the main wedge that will be used. The mid is for most lies and comes in 46-degree to 60-degree. The Mid has a slightly modified v-sole with less bounce in the leading edge for full shots and some trailing edge relief for the golfer who likes to open the face up more around the green. The Low is for people who like to open the face-up, therefore it only comes in the higher lofts of 56-degrees to 64-degrees. The Low grind is the traditional C grind. These are for players who like to open up the club and manipulate different shots around the green. Lastly, the XLow takes it one step further with a wider sole grind on the main section and trailing edge ground more in the hosel and toe. This grind will come in 58-degrees and 60-degrees. Cleveland is also using its dot classification for only the low (one dot) and Mid (two-dot) sole grinds. The Full and XLow grind will not have any dots.
The Cleveland RTX-4 has an extremely comprehensive range that covers 18 different lofts and bounce combinations from 46-degrees to 64-degrees. The stock shaft is True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400. Once again, the Cleveland wedges are the ones to beat, even though Cleveland raised the price of the RTX-4 to $139.99, it is still lower than most and is going to be one of the best for your money. The RTX-4 are available at all locations!
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